I will be the first to admit that when there is severe weather in Texas, I want to see it firsthand. I have walked out in the joyous rain and marveled at the sublime beauty of distant lightning strikes many times. It's one of the great pleasures of living here.

We do seem to have a bit of a chip on our shoulder- or is that a hailstone? At least when it comes to the weather here in Texas. Most of us can remember the terror (and thrill) of seeing a funnel cloud or two. We've seen hail the size of baseballs and felt gusts of winds that could send a small dog yonder down the road. But are we being wise when we view the weather?

A Texas man recently died from a lightning strike, and the son that was holding his hand was gravely injured as well. This man wasn't simply enjoying the weather, he was walking his children home from a bus stop.

Emergency responders pronounced the adult male, who was later identified as Matthew Boggs, dead at the scene. A 6-year-old child, later identified as Grayson Boggs, was found unresponsive but still breathing.

Photo by Raychel Sanner on Unsplash
Photo by Raychel Sanner on Unsplash

The man's son is currently fighting for his life and there is a GoFundMe set up by the family to help with what must be astronomical medical costs.

This tragedy is as unfortunate as it was unlikely to happen, but it did, and it can again. That is why we must take precautions when we can. Texas is second only to Florida in lightning strike deaths. If you are already outside when lightning is happening, the CDC has a list of tips to help prevent injury or death listed here.

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