I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across an ad for an Alpine roller coaster in Texas, and it looks so friggin' cool that I just had to spread the news. Yes, you heard me correctly...there is an  ALPINE ROLLER COASTER IN TEXAS! If you hadn't heard about it yet either, it's likely because it's brand new.

Camp Fimfo in New Braunfels opened the first-ever Alpine roller coaster in the Lone Star State to the public on February 18th of this year. It's basically a gravity-propelled sled that has manual brakes on it. According to their website, the sled can reach up to 25 mph, and the ride takes roughly 8 minutes to complete.

They shared a video a couple of days ago on YouTube of what it's like to ride the Alpine coaster. Check it out below:

Yeah, I'm sold. That thing looks so fun. A ride on the Cliff Carver is definitely going on my list of things to do this summer. How awesome!

The roller coaster alone sounds pretty epic, but it looks like Camp Fimfo also has other big plans with their park. They are in the process of adding a zip line, a dog park, and a whole bunch of new cabins. They've also got a cool waterpark.

This looks like a fantastic place for a weekend getaway. It's not too far from San Antonio, and as far as I'm concerned, that 8-minute ride is worth the trip. I'll see you there.

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