I've yet to discover the reason why Amarillo, Texas seems to have so many problems with alleged hauntings. Every time you turn around you're face to face with some local legend about a haunted building, a devilish presence lurking in the shadows, and even dog monsters. We seem to be a magnet for this kind of thing, and one man in Amarillo is desperately reaching out for help.

Ray Really Needs The Help Of A Paranormal Team

I received an email regarding a man in Amarillo who is searching for a paranormal investigator to come and take care of a ghost problem he's having. The strange thing is where the email came from. It was from a website called Bark.com. I'm not sure how long Bark has been around, but it's another one of those gig work websites. You search for professionals and the site matches you up with one. This guy in Amarillo was searching for someone handy around the metaphysical.

I figure you've got to be pretty desperate if you're willing to go on Bark and search for a paranormal investigator. We all have that friend or extended family member that claims to have a connection with the "other side", but it appears this job requires something more than a hobbyist.

What The Hell Is Going On With Ray? No Pun Intended.

The information I was given regarding Ray's case is that he is suffering from multiple forms of paranormal phenomena. The symptoms (if that's even the right word to use) are:

  • Touching
  • Sound
  • Sight
  • Dream
  • Smell

I don't know why, but the word "smell" being on the list makes my stomach churn. I'm not sure what ghosts smell like, but I'm sure it isn't a scent they're desperate to bottle at Victoria's Secret.

It honestly sounds like poor Ray is being tormented. That's a long list of pains in the neck. If you are a paranormal investigator, I guess you could go to Bark and get signed up as a pro and then try to get hooked up with Ray's case.

If you're Ray, I'm sorry buddy. I'm no Ghostbuster.

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