Every year on Feb 2, the country looks to a groundhog to see if we're going to have a long winter or early spring. That's changing in Texas. For over the past decade, Texans have been looking to their own prognosticating animal to see what the weather will be in the coming months. That animal is none other than Bee Cave Bob.

Yes, Texas Actually Has A Weather Forecasting Armadillo

In the neverending quest to put the Lone Star State's signature on just about everything, Texas has been looking to its own weather-predicting animal on Feb 2. What is usually considered Punxsutawney Phil's big day (the groundhog), is now a day for one of the Lone Star State's most iconic animals; an armadillo.

It makes sense. Armadillos and Texas go together like Australia and kangaroos. You just associate one with the other. This particular armadillo is named Bee Cave Bob.

How Did Bee Cave Bob Get His Start In Weather Forecasting?

For over ten years, Bee Cave Bob has been making predictions in Bee Cave, Texas. Supposedly, it all started when a group of Texans got to thinking that maybe the Lone Star State didn't need Punxsutawney Phil to predict the weather.

I suppose the friends were awfully lucky, as they found themselves a weather-predicting armadillo. Supposedly, the predictions are pretty spot on. Thus, the legend of Bee Cave Bob was formed.

Is Bee Cave Bob Good At Predicting The Weather?

If you go off of the reports, Bee Cave Bob is pretty good at predicting whether or not Texas will see a longer winter or early spring. Some people even claim he's never been wrong.

This year, Bee Cave Bob has predicted that we'll see an early spring. Let's hope he's not just telling us what we want to hear.

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