A 24-year-old woman on Reddit says her childhood best friend is furious because she broke her promise to stay single forever so they could grow old together.

"I have been best friends with Rosie (fake name) since we were like 10. We are both kind of introverts and had a lot of fun together. We were pretty inseparable, schoolmates from elementary to college. We are also both 'no boyfriend since birth.' Our college friends would often call us Virgin Marys, but we didn’t give a s--t," she wrote on Reddit.

"We’re both straight females but I don’t know, the idea of getting together with a man was not an idea we both entertain. We would always joke around that we’ll just get rich and live and grow together with our cats. This is always brought up whenever family members from our families ask why we don’t have a man (our families are close and always hang out). Rosie would always tag me on FB posts about single women living together in a mansion," she continued.

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After Rosie recently got a job in a different state, the women's communication dwindled due to a "bad signal." While apart, the woman also began dating someone.

"She got really busy as well and we didn’t find time to update each other anymore. This was also the time that I met Josh ... Josh is a funny and caring guy, completely opposite to my shy personality. We’ve hit it off right away and have been officially together for [two] months now. I wanted to share the exciting news to Rosie when I was starting to date Josh so I texted her about it, which was just delivered and never read," she explained.

When Rosie finally got service during a visit home, she was "appalled" to read all the texts about the woman's new boyfriend.

"She came to me and said I was a traitor. She said I broke our promise about never getting a man. I asked if she’s drunk ['cause] I believe we were just joking about that stuff. Apparently, she’s serious about it. I asked my older sister and she said that promise must be really serious for Rosie, but even she finds it ridiculous," she revealed, adding that Rosie blocked her on social media and is refusing to speak to her.

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Users in the comments tried to comfort the woman, with many suggesting she live her own life and not worry about Rosie.

"I'm preeeetty sure Rosie is in love with you and doesn't realize it or admit it," one person wrote.

"Rosie is acting like a child. Like a really, really young child," another chimed in.

"Regardless of Rosie's motives she is upset you're behaving autonomously. She's upset you'll have a part of life that doesn't center her. I wasted too many years trying to appease a person like this. Enjoy your relationships that are happy when you're happy," someone else commented.

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