A woman on Reddit shared that her husband continuously hangs out with his friends but won't spend time with her and their child.

"My husband spends a lot of his free time with his friends, even going out at midnight to early hours of the morning to spend time with them. He never makes that sort of effort for me. I'm getting really hurt by how he always chooses his friends even when we regularly fight (well, I regularly fight) about him not spending enough time with me," she wrote.

"Am I a nag? Totally. Because it's been almost [four] years of me asking for breaks and date nights," the frustrated woman continued on Reddit.

She explained that she feels like she "may have pushed him away" by wanting his love and attention.

"I'm also thinking he just doesn't love me. If he did, wouldn't he want to spend time with me? I want to spend time with him and have made that abundantly clear. So it can only be him not wanting to spend time with me, right? He makes time for his friends any chance he can... he never makes time for me," she shared.

"He spent 1AM to 3AM this morning playing board games at his friend's house while I attended to our sick toddler," the lonely woman concluded.

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Users in the comments offered the woman some tough love, with many suggesting she consider leaving her husband.

"Seems like you know the reason. You are not a partner. You are a maid/daycare worker. He's shown you repeatedly who he is, maybe it is time to find someone who actually cares about you," one person wrote.

"What a selfish bas---d. Time to rethink your relationship," another user chimed in.

"The reason? Because he doesn't care. Honey, a relationship is not built on a foundation of begging for affection. You are asking for the bare minimum and he consistently refuses to do even that. How much longer will you waste your time on this man? Genuinely, how much longer?" someone else commented.

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