A woman on Reddit is furious with her mom who won't stop texting her ex-boyfriend following their nasty split.

"We had a bad breakup a few months ago and we are on no contact. When I found out that she has been texting him to check up on him, I [told] her to stop and asked to see the messages and deleted his contact off of her phone so that she wouldn’t do it again," the frustrated daughter wrote on Reddit.

"She asked if I deleted his number and I said yes," she added.

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"Then she laughed and told me she wrote his phone number somewhere so if I do something that’d piss her off (like going out, spending the night, etc.), she would text him," the woman continued.

"I am beyond pissed right now and confused. I don’t know what to do," the woman concluded her post.

"The obvious answer is to threaten to sleep with his dad if he keeps talking to your mom. But seriously, that's f---ing disgusting behavior from your mom, holy s--t," one person wrote in the comments section.

However, another reader questioned if the woman had left out some important details, writing, "Looks like your mom is siding with your [ex-boyfriend]. You left out all the details on your ex relationship and the reason you broke up so we can all side with you."

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