Videos go viral for a reason, whether it's because of devastation or comedy. Not really a surprise since most of us have accepted that we live in a world where it seems anything and everything can be caught on video at any time. And even if you're not into watching them, when they go viral you almost feel like you need to watch it to see what the big deal is.

This hilarious video of a beautiful mother, or hot mom as some may say, and even a MILF: Mom I'd Like to F@$# has gone viral and I'm not surprised.

It was captured by a TikTok account, The Alimoe 85, that appears to be out of Chicago. It made me laugh for sure, especially because at my sister's wedding some of the bridesmaids' husbands were talking about how hot my mom was. Of course that wasn't caught on video because phones with cameras weren't a thing yet.

Anyway, this hot mom found herself on the receiving end of a car full of very flirtatious teenage boys who couldn't stop complimenting her looks and wanted to know how old she was. It's very playful and clearly took her by surprise but she navigated it beautifully.

Her reaction, as you'll see, is priceless because although she didn't answer them when they asked her how old she is when she asked them, they replied "old enough." She never shares her age, but admits they're charming, witty, and most definitely have 'game' with their answers.

And I thought people hitting on people at stop lights only happened in romantic comedies on television and in the movies.

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