It seems like the relatively cool summer we have had so far has decided to pack up and leave town. In it's place is this fire breathing demon that decided that for the first time since June, Amarillo should be in the 100 degree range. It's not just us who's suffering today. The pain is being felt all around the Panhandle and for some folks, the 101 degree temperature we're expected to reach would be a nice cool down.

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The map that the National Weather Service office in Amarillo put out last night paints a very different picture from what we saw this weekend, gone are the clouds that brought us a little bit of rain this weekend and it its place well... take a look for yourself... The National Weather Service has also issued a Heat Advisory for today

National Weather Service/

A map full of red is never a good thing, and when it gets darker for the folks in Borger and Guymon you know its time to hunker down and find some AC.

Palo Duro isn't an Oasis Today

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Yep, If you plan on heading down into the Canyon today, make it an early trip. The canyon floor can be anywhere from 5-10 degrees warmer than up on top which means temperatures can soar well into the 105-115 degree range. If you do need to be down there make sure you have at least a liter of water per person per mile. Better yet avoid the trip if you can, Emergency response isn't exactly fast and it may be a while before you can get help.

Hydration is Key, and Don't forget those who might need extra help


Today is also not the day to leave pets or kids in your car (You shouldn't anyway) Remember to Look Before You Lock. If you do have outdoor pets make sure they have plenty of water and access to shade to stay cool. If you happen to know someone without AC check up on them, make sure they have a fan at the very least or offer to take them someplace cool. The last thing you want for them or yourself is to deal with Heat Exhaustion or worse, Heat Stroke. While you may be tempted to pop a cold one today, Water is your best bet to stay hydrated.

The good news if there is any with these temperatures, is they are expected to back off Tuesday as our rain chances start to increase.

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