Finesse, poise and experience are hallmarks of great drummers and none of those traits are typically embodied by 10-year-old boys. Johannes Rørvik Grov of Norway, however, does, as exhibited in his 12-minute video where he works his way through segments of every Metallica song from behind his kit.

The young headbanger confidently smashes his way through each Metallica album, track-by-track, not content just to take the most relaxed portions of the material. Grov demonstrates he is capable of executing rapid double kicks as well as the nuances of the complex songs on ...And Justice for All.

While the drummer doesn't perform this feat in a single take, it doesn't slight how impressive this is. The video's description states that this clip was recorded in two one hour sessions.

Metallica recently wrapped up a European leg of their "WorldWired" tour, which included a performance in Grov's home country where the band paid tribute to Norway's A-ha with a brief cover of "Take on Me." The thrash legends will return to North America in September with a scattered list of dates spilling into March of 2019.

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