Kinks frontman Ray Davies said his thoughts were turning towards recording with brother Dave Davies in 2019, after the experience of listening to archive material for the 50th anniversary version of their album The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society.

Drummer Mick Avory also reported that he’d recently met Dave and enjoyed the experience, after a breakdown in their relationship led Avory to quit the band in 1984. If he were to take part in any future reunion, it would mean all the surviving members were present, with bassist Pete Quaife having died in 2010.

“I’m toying with the idea of working with Dave again,” Ray told Rolling Stone in a new interview. “We’re listening to a lot of old songs. We uncovered a lot of tapes when we were looking for Village Green material outtakes, and we might be doing an album next year. But I’ve got a couple other projects first.” He joked, “When the Rolling Stones do a comeback, they use Yankee Stadium. When the Kinks make a comeback it’ll be in a bar on the East Side.”

“I see Ray quite a lot anyway,” Avory said after the trio attended an art exhibition together. “But we had a couple of pictures taken together and a chat, and yeah, that was good.”

Dave spoke of how the public conception of Village Green had changed over the years, having been all-but ignored in 1968 then drawn greater appreciation over the decades. “It didn’t seem to bother me that much at the time that it wasn’t a hit,” he said. “I thought it was a hit. I’ve thought at so many points that people just don’t get the Kinks or didn’t get the Kinks. And then a few years later, people turn around and say, ‘Yeah, it’s not bad, that. I quite liked that.’ That’s the story of our lives, really.”


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