We've made it! Independence Day, the Fourth of July, whatever you call it, we've arrived at the week of it in Amarillo. The fireworks stands are open for business and we're all getting our plans in order for the big day.

We love everything about the fourth. The fact that we get to celebrate our independence, the parties, BBQ's, and yes, the shooting of fireworks. The thing is, there are rules, and lots of them when it comes to what you are allowed to fire off.

Yes, everyone wants the big ones. You know, the ones that fly into the sky out of that big canister and light up the night sky. So loud and big and beautiful...and illegal sadly.

There are a lot of questions about shooting off fireworks in Texas, and rightfully so. The rules tend to change rather often, and sometimes we get hit with the blanket "zero fireworks" rule, especially when it's been super dry.

Good news is, I haven't heard about that blanket rule this year as we have gotten quite a bit of moisture, so yes, we should be able to light off some fireworks. Let's start with what IS legal to pop off.

Fireworks that have audible or visual effects, but don't shoot off any shrapnel are perfectly fine. These are the things such as fountains, spinning fireworks, etc. Roman candles are perfectly acceptable too, well, within certain parameters.

Roman candles can't have more than 10 balls in the tube, while those balls can't exceed 20 grams per ball and its tube can't be more than 3/8 of an inch in diameter. So those are things you'll want to keep in mind when purchasing them.

Other things you can pop off would include sparklers, smoke toys, and firecrackers that are no bigger than 1.5 inches long or 1/4 inch in diameter.

So what is NOT allowed? This is where we get a little bummed, and rightfully so.

The big rockets that we love to shoot off? Yeah, those are a definite no-go. If it has a total propellant charge of less than four grams, has an overall length of less than 15 inches (yes, this includes the stick), and a casing size that is less than 5/8 of an inch in outside diameter, while being less than 3.5 inches long, it's a no-go and will get you in trouble.

Did you catch all that? I know, it was a lot to take in. Even if you can't legally fire those up into the sky, the holiday can still be a lot of fun and you know the kids are just happy to light up any kind of fireworks.

Enjoy the day and night, but be smart and safe!

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