Gather 'round everyone — this may be the last time we get to hear a fresh song from late Motorhead leader and rock 'n' roll outlaw Lemmy Kilmister. "The Mask" is a long lost ballad-styled country western duet featuring Lem and singer-songwriter Linda Kay, recorded in 2009 and now finally seeing daylight.

While the idea of Lemmy singing a ballad might raise some eyebrows, it's certainly not out of his wheelhouse, having recorded songs such as "Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me," which appeared on 1993' Bastards album. "The Mask," heard below, was a song he had been working on back in 1979, which is indeed a bit of a surprise considering the thunderous pair of albums Motorhead released that same year — Bomber and Overkill.

The song was believed to be lost, recently recovered and now issued as the first single previewing Kay's forthcoming double album, Black & Gold. Lem's gritty singing voice adds enormous depth to the twang-driven "The Mask," which is beautifully countered by Kay's crystalline pipes.

Select songs from Black & Gold will be featured in the Amazon Prime TV series Goliath and Kay herself will appear in five of the eight episodes of the forthcoming third season.

No matter your personal taste, it's refreshing to hear something new from the beloved, departed rocker, who passed away at the tail of 2015.

Lynda Kay + Lemmy Kilmister, "The Mask"

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