As if the world didn't have enough suck in it already, this morning I confirmed that my worst fear about the Metallica concert at the United Supermarkets Arena has come true.

It sold out.

Yeah, I know it's not like 94.5 FMX announced the show last year or anything, but Captain Indecisive struck again, and I couldn't make up my mind about taking my would-be metalhead teenagers to rock out with Metallica until yesterday.

Yep, yesterday. Less than one week before the Super Bowl of concerts happens in Lubbock, I decided it would be cool if my kids were able to attend. Naturally, I did what any "good" mom would do and I began to beg my friends for a pair of left over tickets. The response: 'Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full.'

After a moment of kicking myself for waiting so long to get my fat little fingers on a pair of tickets to what could be the show of a lifetime for my kiddos, I decided to ask our sales department if there are any tickets left for sale. I found out that only resale tickets are available to purchase.

The worst part of what I learned is that my new adventures in radio have disqualified my family from participating in the contests for tickets through 94.5 FMX.

"Way to go, Mom!"

Fortunately, I found some tickets that won't cost $500 a pair. Unfortunately, the last remaining non-resale tickets are for 94.5 FMX giveaways, so the best chance that my kids have to go see Metallica at this point will be for one of our winners to legally adopt them for the weekend.

Sorry kids, Mommy tried...sort of.

But there's a silver lining if you want to see Metallica in Lubbock but didn't get tickets before it sold out: Click here to get our app and turn on your notifications EXTRA loud so that you don't miss a final chance to enter to win tickets plus meet and greets, or the chance to escort Metallica from the dressing room to the stage at the United Supermarkets Arena on March 2nd, 2019.

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