I really don't know what adjective is best to use when discussing the musical singing group ABBA. They are superstars. They are iconic. They have been called cringe-worthy by some. And, yes we certainly say they can be called popular.

Those who view the Swedish supergroup in a positive vein will be pleased to know that after a wait of almost 40 years the band will be releasing new music. That new release is expected to happen next Friday. And if that wasn't enough to make start rummaging through your closet for your bedazzled bell bottoms there are also plans for a new stage show.

The band made up of members Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Agnetha Faltskog, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, will make use of new technology as they highlight some of their older hits while exposing a new generation to their very unique sound.

The stage show will be called ABBA Voyage and will be staged at a theater in East London. The specially designed theater will allow for the band to appear on stage as younger versions of themselves through the use of holograms. The band calls their hologram lookalikes ABBA-tars.

According to those close to the production of the show, the ABBA-tars will not only perform on stage they will speak to the audience and interact as well. One person with knowledge of the production suggested it would be like taking a step back in time.

The ABBA comeback has reportedly been in the works since 2018 but the anticipated comeback was thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic. Album sales figures suggest the band has sold more than 500 million records worldwide. The band's first big break came in 1974 when they were named winners of the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1974.

From that beginning, in the middle 70s, the band produced a string of top hits. That music was the basis of the musical stage show Momma Mia! and a film adaptation of the same name back in 2008.

After breaking up in 1982 the foursome did a reunion performance at a private event back in 2016. That performance marked the 50th anniversary of the first meeting of Bjorn and Benny. From there we can say the rest is history.

I can only speculate that if the ABBA-tar-inspired stage show does well, can a possible world tour be too far behind? I know there are millions of ABBA fans who would love to take that trip down memory lane with the band, should that come to fruition.

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