Guitar legend Marty Friedman is the latest musician to take our Hello Kitty challenge. On what’s essentially the worst axe ever constructed, Friedman took his signature finesse to play a romantic ballad that’ll surely pull on your heartstrings.

When Marty Friedman first laid eyes on our Hello Kitty mini guitar, his reaction was somewhere between disgusted and appalled. Still, the ex-Megadeth icon was determined to create something magical, so Marty reached deep into his skill set to unleash a sexy flamenco serenade.

“This Hello Kitty guitar is One Bad M.F.!!” Friedman says, referencing his new live album. “This is how I feel when I play a Hello Kitty guitar. Check it out.”

Having laid down the gauntlet, Marty struck quickly with an introductory triplet, as if he was ready to stare down a charging bull at Las Ventas. Friedman furiously explored flamenco scales, ascending and descending as his hands locked onto the guitar’s tiny neck and semi-rusted frets. Like a technical ninja, Marty finished the job in a flash with expert precision, leaving all spectators bewildered and awestruck.

Watch Marty Friedman turn a Hello Kitty guitar into a certified love gun in the clip above and be sure to grab a copy of One Bad M.F. Live!!

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