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Every morning on my way home from work, I drive by Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm. If you haven't been by, then you haven't seen the decorations going up getting ready for their holiday season.

If you missed out on going to the pumpkin farm during October, Maxwell's will be open select dates for "Maxwell's Magical Christmas." They have a lot going on during the event, just like in the fall.

There's a chance to meet up with Santa (of course). There's also the trail of lights, the magical carpet ride, slides, wagon train ride, and tire mountain.

They'll have the staples out there too. The apple cannons will be working, and there will be farm animals. You can get all of the details by following this link to their website.

Maxwell's Magical Christmas kicks off Nov 27.

The Botanical Gardens are also having their annual holiday event where they light up the gardens with Christmas lights. We're still having the Electric Light Parade this year, it's just in reverse; meaning you drive through it instead of watching from the sidewalk as the floats drive by.

As many of us try to figure out how we're going to handle family gatherings this year, and making some tough choices, it is nice to see a few "familiar" things still happening this year. Even if they're being done differently.

If you do plan to go out and participate in any events, take your mask with you and keep social distancing in mind.

I know we haven't even made it to December yet, but I'm ready to start talking about New Year's Eve. I can't wait to say farewell to 2020.

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