UPDATE: Megadeth's first-ever NFT, the Vic Rattlehead: Genesis, has now sold via a Rarible auction for 8.4 WETH. That is the equivalent of approximately $18,703. One WETH is the equivalent of 2,156.72 U.S. dollars.

Megadeth are the latest band to dip their toes in the NFT craze, creating their first ever non-fungible token and putting it on the auction block.

The Megadeth Genesis token features the band's logo along with their Vic Rattlehead mascot, with the two primary images spinning counter each other over the six-second piece of digital art. The band has officially minted the NFT, which is a one-of-one piece.

The rarity of the item combined with the fact that it's the group's first foray into the NFT market should make it a hot commodity. The Megadeth NFT can currently be bid upon by fans through the Rarible platform with the auction concluding on Monday (April 12).

NFTs have become a popular collectible for the digital generation of collectors. Much like card collecting, owners view it as an investment. But with the digital aspect of an NFT, physical deterioration does not take place and ownership of items are kept via a digital ledger blockchain. The limited run of an item can also increase the value involved to those investing in the NFT.

Get a closer look at the Megadeth NFT via the band's tweet below and place your bid to own their inaugural token here.

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