As part of their ongoing #MetallicaMondays series, which has found Metallica posting complete concerts from across their career, the band has just shared a one-hour video from 1983 when they embarked on their first-ever tour.

The concert, which took place in Chicago, Illinois on Aug. 12, 1983, captured a moment in time when a young Metallica were finding their way in the early metal scene, unaware of the thrash movement they'd spearheaded and their soon-to-be major impact on the genre.  At the time, James Hetfield had just turned 20, as was Kirk Hammett. Lars Ulrich was only 19 and Cliff Burton had celebrated his 21st birthday earlier in the year.

In the video below, Ulrich provides a quick introduction before turning the clock back 37 years to the club show where Metallica pounded out seven original songs in addition to a guitar solo near the end of the set with the spotlight placed on Hammett.

The set was naturally fixed on Metallica's debut album, Kill 'Em All, which had just dropped a couple weeks prior to the Illinois concert, where the only tracks not performed from the record were "Hit the Lights," "The Four Horsemen" and "Motorbreath."

Watch the complete concert below and see the full set list further down the page.

Metallica: Live in Chicago, Illinois — Aug. 12, 1983

Metallica Set List: Chicago, Illinois — Aug. 12, 1983

01. "Jump in the Fire"
02. "Phantom Lord"
03. "No Remorse"
04. "Anesthesia - (Pulling Teeth)"
05. "Whiplash"
06. "Seek & Destroy"
07. Guitar Solo
08. "Metal Militia"

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