We're sure you've heard your fill of covers of Metallica's "Master of Puppets," but there's no way you've heard it like this before. YouTube user and hand fart marvel "State of the Fart" is back with his unique take on the thrash anthem and it's time you obey the hand fart master and take a look at the clip above.

Unlike some of his past videos where background visuals aided the experience, he's opted to attempt a single cut take standing in front of a green screen. Metallica's rapid-fire rhythms present a daunting challenge during the song's opening moments, but State of the Fart is no amateur, handling it with apparent ease. The flatulating phenom works his way through the vocal melodies and even the slow, moody passage before exploding back into the aggressive moments of "Master of Puppets" with its chugging mid-section.

Those hoping to see how State of the Fart approached the solos will be disappointed. Right as the solo comes up, he abruptly ends things, looking into the camera repeating, "No! No!" If you're looking for some shred, he did let the sphincter sirens wail on his cover of Dragonforce's "Through the Fire and Flames" and Iron Maiden's "Aces High."

If you want the real thing, catch Metallica on the road as they embark on the second North American leg of their "WorldWired" tour in September. Head here to see a list of dates.

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