Shred king Michael Angelo Batio (you may recognize him as the guy who can play guitar both left-handed and right-handed at the same time) is back with More Machine Than Man, his first studio album since 2013's Intermezzo. Leading the charge is the debut single, "The Badlands," which features ex-Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler, who appears across the whole record.

"This is the most in-your-face album I have ever recorded," Batio enthused, noting, "I limited the use of keyboards so you can hear the detail and precision of the rhythm guitars. My goals were to write the best songs I could, keep the tracks as raw and natural as possible and make the grooves relentless!"

The shredder received high praise from his former Nitro bandmate as well. "I’m borrowing a quote by Nitro singer Jim Gillette," continued Batio, "that I think describes this album perfectly – 'If this album doesn’t rock your socks off, call the coroner ‘cause you must be dead!'"

More Machine Than Man arrives June 12 on RatPak Records. The complete track listing and album art can be seen further down the page and to pre-order the record, head here.

Michael Angelo Batio, "The Badlands"

Michael Angelo Batio, More Machine Than Man Album Art + Track Listing

Rat Pak Records
Rat Pak Records

01. "Laser Guided"
02. "The Badlands"
03. "Put All Fear Aside"
04. "More Machine Than Man"
05. "Dreamin’ of 1986"
06. "Beyond the Outer Limits"
07. "The Two Sirens"
08. "AVTD"
09. "The Countdown is On"
10. "Rhythm Reprise (I Pray the Lord)"
Bonus Tracks (CD & Digital versions)
11. "21st Century Beck"
12. "Charlie Went To Chicago"
13. "No Backup Plan"

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