What's the one thing that rattles you to your core?

That's the question being answered in the trending Twitter hashtag #MyWorstNightmareIs. We can make our heads spin with the list of potential terror-inducing developments that can make our stomachs churn like we're making a batch of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. Seeing Grandma change her clothes, being last in the line at the DMV, being forced to listen to the new William Hung album -- all are examples of nightmares that can come true (and, yes, Hung albums exist).

Twitter chimed in with nightmares of all kinds. Sure, there were plenty of political comments because you can't scroll around Twitter these days without bumping into some sort of political snark, but there were also loads of funny, outrageous and altogether sincere ones. Read for yourself and see if you can relate at all to what people are feeling.

The Best Celebrity Tweets:

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