My major beef with this study isn't necessarily over the fact that we have bad dental health. I've been some places in our great state where the whole town might have 12 teeth between them. What I do have a problem with, is some of the metrics used.

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This study supposedly used data from the last year. In case anyone forgot, we had a global freaking pandemic last year that shutdown a big portion of the state, and several industries.

Having someone stick their hand in your mouth during a global pandemic feels a bit risky to me. It's like going to a kegger, taking someone home with you, and forgetting to make that stop by the gas station.

According to this study we ranked 45 in the nation when it came to how many of us saw a dentist last year. They act like that's a bad thing. I say good job staying home and maintaining social distance.

We rank 27 when it comes to the number of dentists we have per capita. I think Dallas and Houston need to step up their dental game. Maybe offer a tax break or something. Lord knows they have the people. Give some of them a certificate and a water pick.

We rank 51 out of 50 states (I think they included DC as it's own entity. About time someone did.) when it comes to "low life satisfaction due to their oral condition."

Who is honestly happy with their smile? There's always something you want to change. Whether it's making them whiter, straighter, or more fake (implants are chic).

I wouldn't take this one to heart, Texas. There might be things we could do better, or more often (looking at you floss), but that doesn't mean we have horrible dental health.

For more information on the study, you can check out Wallethub's website by following this link.

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