Don't ever disturb this man's sleep.

Over in Dallas, 72-year-old James Michael Meyer is claiming that on Thursday around 5 am he saw someone trying to break into his storage shed with a pickaxe. James got his handgun and then went outside. He allegedly then told this person to stop and not come closer or else he’d shoot. James told investigators this person took a few steps toward them and he fired.

The alleged burglar then ran toward a park behind Jame's house dropping his pickaxe. He then fired another shot into the direction of the park. James then went back to bed and called the cops about two hours later after he got some sleep. The Dallas Morning News reports that James Michael Meyer has been charged with murder in the Thursday killing and was jailed on $150,000 bail as of Friday.

Investigators are saying that once that suspect dropped the pickaxe and ran. The threat of serious bodily injury against him was over once that happened. We will see how this plays out and neighbors also claim they heard more shots than what James is saying.

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