One week after the release of Ordinary Man, the first new album from Ozzy Osbourne in a decade, a new 8-bit video game dedicated to the singer has emerged, dubbed Legend of Ozzy.

The game is relatively simple with the new record serving as the soundtrack for the adventure as users guide a bat outfitted with Ozzy's head. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, gamers must dodge obstacles (wolves, devils and evil eyes) in this 2-D universe as an endless track scrolls by like a conveyor belt.

The aim is to collect blood droplets that race by as the Ozzy-bat will perish if not enough are collected. Green crosses also replenish health in the event one of those monsters is struck and the coins are there, as the instructions describe, "to show your worth to the rest of the world."

Users can enter their name which will be posted on a leader board alongside their score once the round is over.

Play Legend of Ozzy here.

Ordinary Man stemmed from the Prince of Darkness' collaboration with Post Malone on his Hollywood's Bleeding track "Take What You Want." This session was the catalyst for Osbourne to get back in the studio to make an album of his own, which was written and recorded with Post Malone's producer Andrew Watt.

The two will be linking back up shortly as Osbourne, who recently had to cancel another farewell tour leg due to health reasons, expressed that he's looking to work on his next record with Watt in March. While unable to tour, the singer admitted he's "not content to just lounge around the house," so he'll write new music instead.

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