Pantera are teasing an upcoming fourth home video release. To celebrate 4/20, Pantera gave fans a minute of new footage captured by the legendary band on tour.

If Pantera does end up releasing a new collection of home movies, it’ll be their first since 1997’s 3: Watch It Go. Cowboys From Hello: The Videos and Vulgar Video both preceded Watch It Go, and all three were released together as 3 Vulgar Videos From Hell in 1999.

The new Pantera clips show Philip Anselmo and Dimebag Darrell play-fighting backstage, fans hanging with the band at an autograph signing, Dimebag and Rex Brown trashing their hotel room and more.

Dimebag’s longtime girlfriend Rita Haney spoke about an upcoming home movies release back in 2017, adding the clips would likely be released if Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It or Get Rolled Over was successful.

“It’s so hard to get clearances for every little thing. That's exactly why the previous Pantera videos are not out there on iTunes that you can get them, because we're trying to go back and get all those clearances, it would be so expensive today, there's no way,” Haney said. “So we have to go with the old-school format. And if people will support it and show the love and it does well, then that gives us the green light for the next project.”

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