Queen have struck back against Donald Trump once again, pulling a video the President posted featuring “We Will Rock You” in the song’s entirety. This is the second time a dispute between Queen and Trump has taken place, the first being in 2016 when then-candidate Trump used “We Are the Champions” at his Republican National Convention speech.

Trump used “We Will Rock You” on Oct. 9 while tweeting a clip from one of his rallies. Once Queen got wind of the 45th President’s unauthorized use of the song, Queen filed a copyright complaint with Twitter, leading to Trump’s video being removed from the social media site.

According to Buzzfeed, Queen’s management has entered into a legal process to disallow further use of the band’s music by the Trump campaign.

This is reminiscent of the recent Nickelback fiasco, where Trump tweeted a meme mocking Joe Biden using footage from the Canadian band’s “Photograph” video. Nickelback also succeeded in removing their music from Trump’s Twitter.

"I can confirm that permission to use the track was neither sought nor given. We are taking advice on what steps we can take to ensure this use does not continue,” Brian May said back in 2016. “Regardless of our views on Mr. Trump's platform, it has always been against our policy to allow Queen music to be used as a political campaigning tool … I will make sure we take what steps we can to dissociate ourselves from Donald Trump's unsavoury campaign." [via Blabbermouth]

The history of bands refusing to allow politicians to use their music is a rich one, which we covered before the 2016 in this Loud List.

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