A woman on Reddit regrets getting married because her husband surprised her with the idea of opening up their relationship shortly after tying the knot.

In her Reddit post, the woman explained that they "discussed monogamy in detail" before getting married, and both decided they wanted "to be in a closed relationship."

However, one month after their wedding, her new husband "asked if he could open up our marriage."

"This came out of nowhere and I have been shocked and angry. I told him I was not comfortable with that, and he told me just to give it time. He has completely dismissed my apprehension and refuses to acknowledge my concerns," she wrote via Reddit.

The man insisted that he hasn't made "moves" on anyone, but has been active on "dating apps"

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"He also flirts with co-workers of ours. Ones who were at our wedding. Yesterday I had someone ask if I had been the one to 'open' the marriage and I’ve never felt so betrayed and disrespected by my husband," she continued.

She also found out that her husband has been telling everyone they are "in an open marriage." Now, she's decided to leave him.

"My stepmother is letting me stay with her for a few weeks and I’m collecting my things this evening. I can’t continue this anymore. I’m in the bathroom at work crying my eyes out," she concluded.

In the comments section, users rallied behind the woman and slammed her husband for springing an open relationship on her after getting married.

"ONE MONTH??? One month in and he asked to open up the marriage? The f---ing audacity. I am so sorry," one person wrote.

"Sorry you’re going through that. That super sh---y of him to pull that after you got married, glad you’re getting out. Honestly it’s good that you found out now rather than years down the line. I’m glad you’re kicking his ass to the curb and not caving," another commented.

"People who are genuinely into open or poly relationships should seek out people who are also into them or want to try it out. They don't randomly say they want an open relationship ... they just wanna cheat without it being cheating. I'm really sorry and I hope you can divorce him quickly and start healing. Wishing you all the best," someone else chimed in.

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