Some of my favorite parts of Amarillo history is the crazy stories you hear about Amarillo Slim's bets he would make. I love the sport of poker, and Slim was one of the absolute best.

Digging through YouTube, I decided to see if I could find any footage of Amarillo Slim playing poker at one of the World Series events. I found a lot about Slim on YouTube. Only one World Series video.

This documentary, while longer than the others I found, covered a lot. It followed Slim's time in the armed forces. It even covered the time he hustled Minnesota Fats at pool with a broomstick. Oh, and the time he beat a tennis pro at ping-pong using frying pans.

I also found a few short documentaries where people talked about the hustler/poker player. Some even called him the most famous man from Amarillo. Another called him the most famous man from Potter County.

The 1973 World Series of Poker is on there, too. That was the year after Slim won.

He was legendary. Beating Larry Flynt at 7 card stud for a cool couple million dollars, Willie Nelson at dominoes, and he suckered Evil Kinevel.

As the song says, "the devil don't bet Amarillo Slim."


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