After more than 35 years of helping hold down the bottom end for some of metal's biggest bands, bassist Rex Brown has stepped out on his own as a solo artist — and fans can hear the results throughout the video for his latest single, "Fault Line."

The Pantera and Down vet released his solo debut, Smoke on This, in July — and not only does the effort begin a new chapter for Brown as an artist on his own, it also marks the first album on which he's handled lead vocals in addition to instrumental duties. Brown, who's also currently a member of Kill Devil Hill alongside drummer Vinny Appice, has described the music as an outgrowth of his current motto: "shake some s--- up."

"I’ve had my ups and downs, like anybody in this business," said Brown in a press release. "I wanted to feel like a true artist again, where I can write and record songs without worrying about any of the bulls---."

While cautioning that he didn't set out to "necessarily cater to metal fans," Brown noted that the people who grew up listening to Pantera probably share a lot of the same musical interests he does — including the heavy '70s rock that fed into Smoke on This.

"This is just something else I'm doing for fun, man. And musical freedom," added Brown. "Fun has to come into it or I'm not going to do it. I've had a tremendous career and now I feel like I’m 30 years old again. This has given me that freedom I needed. I’ve got so much more in me — I’m just getting my feet wet."

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