Rob Halford and Lzzy Hale have a couple of things in common. Firstly, they both have intense vocal power and insane ranges. Secondly, they share a similar interest in fashion, which tends to be decked out in leather and spikes. Halford was actually gifted a pair of killer spiked platforms by Hale herself.

"Those heels were given to me by the beautiful Lzzy Hale, from Halestorm. When Priest were on tour in New Zealand we worked with Halestorm and I was chatting to Lzzy backstage and she had those particular heels on her feet," the Judas Priest frontman told Metal Hammer. "I was going, 'Oh my God, how do you even walk in them?' She said, 'Oh, you know, it's a girl thing...' But they looked so powerful and they scream 'heavy metal!'"

Halford recently received a package from Hale, and it turned out to be the same pair of heels she was wearing on that tour in New Zealand. The Priest singer, in turn, posted a series of photos of himself flaunting the shoes on his Instagram.

"If you'd have been in my house watching me do that photo, you'd have been roaring," the Metal God continued. "It took me forever and I was blacking out in pain. Those heels fit me, but you're being pitched at this extraordinarily abnormal angle and then you try to keep your balance. I took about five or six pictures and I threw myself on the couch and ripped those shoes off and was massaging my feet, sweating from head to toe. It was absolutely fucking hilarious."

Halford's Instagram account is one of our absolute favorites. Check out the images of the vocalist rocking the shoes below.

Judas Priest were basically the innovators of heavy metal fashion, wearing biker gear loaded with spikes and other metal accents to make it even more cool. Hale has followed suit, but the one thing she's mastered that Halford hasn't yet is being able to strut around onstage in high heels while playing guitar. Practice makes perfect!

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