There may never be a Hollywood talker like Robert Downey Jr. Even in his fifties, the actor possesses a nervous energy and patter that makes him seem like the youngest man in the room, barraging his co-stars and audiences alike with a flurry of self-deprecating jokes and unbridled enthusiasm for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His success as Tony Stark is synonymous with the success of the Marvel movies as a whole; while it’s technically possible to picture an Avengers movie without Downey Jr. in the mix, there’s no denying it would probably be a whole lot less fun.

Over the weekend, Downey Jr. took to Facebook (via Collider) to answer fan questions about Avengers: Infinity War and his experiences playing Tony Stark. During the Q&A, Downey Jr. confirmed that Iron Man and Captain America have still not reconciled over the events of Captain America: Civil War (“He’s on my S-List!”), admitted that playing Iron Man gives him a “certain cred” with fans that he probably doesn’t deserve, and even invited the Russo Brothers on camera to share an excerpt from the Avengers: Infinity War script. Spoiler alert? The final page has the words ‘The’ and ‘End’ printed at the very bottom. Go nuts with that one, Marvel fans.

There’s also the big reveal at the very end that the nameless camera operator was none other than Tom Holland, the actor playing Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War. Personally, I was pretty unhappy with this turn of events. If Peter Parker is supposed to be some sort of excellent photographer, why is Holland so terrible at holding the camera still for the Facebook chat? And what kind of self-respecting photographer would film an entire video in portrait? Maybe Holland is the right choice to play Spider-Man, but I now have serious, serious doubts about the actor’s ability to play Peter Parker, Daily Bugle photojournalist.

Avengers: Infinity War is currently in production and will hit theaters on May 4, 2018.

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