We’ve known for some time that True Detective Season 3 had largely taken a backseat to creator Nic Pizzolatto’s next HBO project, though few, if any details had emerged on that front. Now, it seems Pizzolatto’s propensity for bringing A-list stars to TV hasn’t cooled one bit, as Robert Downey Jr. may lead a new TV project, and one based on past Perry Mason plans at that.

Per Variety, Pizzolatto would write the new series with Downey eyed to produce and star, said to based on the same Perry Mason reboot the Captain America: Civil War star had attempted to get off the ground at Warner Bros. for several years. Pizzolatto, Downey and wife/producer Susan Downey would all serve as executive producers.

If nothing else, the project is said to be that of a series, rather than a TV movie, having gestated since around May. The project would mark Downey’s first major TV role since Ally McBeal (or ever), given the actor’s pre-Iron Man career struggles.

For its part, Perry Mason emerged as fictional criminal defense lawyer as far back as 1933 in novels written by Erle Stanley Gardner. Most notably, Raymond Burr played the character on TV from 1957-1966, reprising the role in tens of TV movies before his death in 1993.

There’s no telling what a Perry mason series could look like now, but could Pizzolatto gain back some of his True Detective clout with any Robert Downey Jr. series?

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