You’ve seen our list of metal albums with no weak songs, so now we’re giving you our picks from the rich history of rock and roll.

Reaching back toward the glory days of rock, one of the most perfect albums ever recorded is the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Are You Experienced. The psychedelic masterwork gave the world immortal cuts like “Foxy Lady” (or "Foxey Lady" as it was sometimes stylized), “Fire” and “Are You Experienced.” It doesn’t even matter if you picked up with original North American edition or the original U.K. and international edition — you’re guaranteed an album with no lame songs.

The world of punk specializes in albums that conquer in a flash. Chances are if you pick up a classic punk album, you’ll be giving it your second spin after half an hour. Never Mind the Bollocks is so packed with hits, people forget the Sex Pistols only released one full-length. The Clash’s London Calling is just as revered, often being called the best punk album in history.

As for the modern wing of rock, few bands can touch the creativity and emotion of Deftones. White Pony is a certified gem, setting the high watermark for new millennium alt rock. As for the 2010s, Queens of the Stone Age dropped the experimental and dense …Like Clockwork in 2013, creating freakish pieces of animation for their songs. Few bands can straddle the line between heavy rock and artful indie so magnificently.

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