YouTube is packed with thousands of full concerts, immortalizing some of the most powerful performances to ever grace the concert stage. We scoured the never-ending annuls of YouTube for killer concerts and came up with these 10 most essential gigs.

Picking just one AC/DC concert is a tough task, but with over a billion combined views across YouTube, the iconic band’s Live at River Plate set is the one we chose. Shot over three nights in Buenos Aires, the 2009 performances are some of the most elaborate and explosive rock ’n’ roll shows of all time.

In the history of rock, there’s no more electrifying live band than Queen. With multiple iconic gigs across the band’s career, their 20-minute set at Live Aid is perhaps their most celebrated. Even with giants like Elton John, U2 and David Bowie at Wembley, Queen stole the show so definitively that the entire event is known mostly for Freddie and the boys. Queen’s set was even depicted in full in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Arguably the greatest live album of all time can be watched in full on YouTube. Iron Maiden’s Live After Death is the gold standard for capturing a metal band onstage, proving how much better a group can be live versus in the studio. Shot at one of Iron Maiden’s many creative heights, the British legends absolutely destroy from beginning to end, influencing countless live recordings in the three decades since.

Check out these 10 Legendary Rock + Metal Concerts on YouTube in the Loud List above.

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