Let’s face it — Jackass is the greatest subcultural phenomenon in the history of television. Melding the traditions of skateboarding, punk rock, heavy metal and high school dumbf—kery, the first episode of Jackass became the highest Sunday rating in MTV’s history.

With Jackass on TV, the three movies and multiple spin-off shows, rock stars could be seen with the cast throughout the 2000s. One hilarious moment came thanks to Steve-O and Henry Rollins, with the Black Flag legend driving a Humvee while Steve received a smiley-face tattoo. As expected, the tattoo didn’t end up as the smoothest piece of work, but it’s certainly a classic.

The Jackass guys teamed up with bands throughout their movie-making days. The first movie brought a Jackass-themed music video for Andrew W.K.’s “We Want Fun,” adding to the seemingly endless bag of dumb tricks performed by the cast. Small cameos from musicians like Gene Simmons and Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo were also filmed, but you could miss them even if you blinked.

Plenty of rock stars graced Bam Margera’s home throughout Viva La Bam. Bands like Slayer and GWAR actually performed on the show, sleeping over at Castle Bam after a night of partying. GWAR’s Oderus Urungus even got in on pranking Bam’s parents, crawling into their bed while the voices of reason tried to get some well-deserved rest.

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