This is absolutely amazing, and for all you metalheads and Shark Week fanatics, we've found your story of the day. While filming the Discovery Channel special Bride of Jaws, scientists searching for a massive Great White Shark used music from Darkest Hour to help lure the sea's most feared predator to their boat.

That's right, sharks love metal! It's no coincidence. Apparently, sharks won't just come calling to just any music (sorry, Kanye, even sharks don't think you're the greatest rock star alive). Sharks literally crave the sound of low frequencies, as "the dense tones of heavy metal simulate the low frequencies of struggling fish." To sharks, the sound of heavy metal "resonates like a dinner bell."

Unfortunately, the 16-foot Great White the crew was looking for, "Joan of Shark," wasn't found during the expedition (perhaps due to poor music taste). However, the sweet sounds of Darkest Hour did reign in a massive 14-foot Great White, along with another smaller relative of Jaws.

Dedicated viewers of Shark Week completely inundated Darkest Hour with tweets about how the band's music was successfully used to entice Great Whites. Darkest Hour were super into their inclusion, writing "Big Riffs, Big Sharks!"

Well done, boys! But don't go playing gigs underwater anytime soon. You'll be devoured.

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