When I'm on my social media, I find that certain things grab my attention and I get sucked in.  Next thing I know I've been lost in videos for an hour.   However, its only a few things that suck me in, and gain my attention.

Animal Rescue Videos

This get me every single time.  I'm hooked.  At first I find myself, "oh no poor baby, he's hurting."  Then I find myself trying to tell the rescuers what to do.  Before I know it, I'm crying at the rescue as the animal is released and alive.

Food Videos

I am a sucker for food videos, mainly pastry videos.  I can watch someone making a cake and frosting it or icing a cookie for hours.  They are memorizing.  I watch one, then another, then another.  Instagram is my nemesis on this one.

Vintage News

I'm a sucker for Vintage News.  There is even a facebook page called Vintage News and they are always posting the most interesting articles and stories from days gone by, it is fascinating.

What on social meeting steals your time?