One of the best parts of having 50 different states are all of the different ways we have of saying the same thing. Here are some of our favorite sayings found in the Lone Star State.


Y'all is short for "you all." Sometimes it can be a bit repetitive when people say "all y'all." There are also several variations of y'all that are used frequently.


Mom'an'em is "mom and them," usually used when someone is talking about someone's family. For instance, and one of my favorites, "How's yer mom'an'em?"


This is our way of saying, "I once was able to," or a person "was once able to" do something.

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All Hat, No Cattle

When someone is all talk, no action. When someone makes big claims, but can't back them up.

Bless Yer Heart

Is it an insult or not? That depends on who you ask. Usually, it's an insult.

Y'unt To?

Another way of asking if someone wants to join you in doing something.


Any type of soda product, Coke or not. The proof is in the fact that when told "All we have is Pepsi," people will respond with "That's fine." Rarely does anyone actually mean Coca-Cola.

Fair To Middlin'

Used when someone asks you how you're doing, and you want a more poetic way of saying "alright."

Turd Floater

This is a way to describe a particularly heavy rain. Most of the time you'll hear someone say "It came up a turd floater."

What are your favorite Texas sayings?

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