With all due respect to the Geico camel, serious times call for serious spokespeople. As such Steel Panther are stepping up to the plate to deliver the answer to the question we all need to know -- what fucking day is it?

The band has composed a nice little earworm of a ditty calling out the days of the week, before drummer Stix Zadinia, sporting a full mustache, pops out from behind a tree to give us the answer. Watch the informative hilarity ensue in the social media posting below.

Like most acts, Steel Panther's touring in support of their 2019 album Heavy Metal Rules, has been shut down. But the band has still kept a high profile during this period of self-isolation. For those looking to rock the hours away this summer, guitarist Satchel recently introduced the "Butthole Burner" guitar effects pedal.

"It’s Hot! It’s Spicy! It’s sexy and feisty!!! Ladies and gentlemen, Steel Panther presents The Butthole Burner. It’s a new version of the perfect distortion pedal. Built with the EXACT SAME circuit as the legendary 'Pussy Melter,' the 'Butthole Burner' is about to scorch eardrums across the world. If you couldn’t get in the front door last time, now it’s time to hit the backdoor!," reads the product description. You can pre-order now here, with the Butthole Burner expected to start shipping on July 6.

During their downtime as they remain home to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, Steel Panther are still finding ways to be charitable. They have spotlighted one exotic dancer each day on their social media pages to help out of work dancers and have worked on a 24-hour stream of adoptable pets as parts of their "Gods of Pussy" animal rescue initiative.

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