Snickers has really outdone themselves in the WTF department with their ad for this Sunday’s Super Bowl. In their latest commercial featuring the “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry” concept, Danny Trejo takes on the role of Marcia Brady, while Steve Buscemi plays the role of Jan, which is rather timely, given the currently popular ‘Brady Bunch’ meme that’s been taking over Tumblr.

In the new Super Bowl ad, Snickers does a little editing magic, placing notable tough guy Danny Trejo in the role of an insufferably petulant and spoiled Marcia, while Steve Buscemi takes on the role of Jan, forever standing in the shadow of her beloved and perfect sister. Jan was always the oddball, and who’s more of an oddball actor than Buscemi?

I almost wish this Snickers ad was longer because we just don’t get to see enough of Buscemi’s Jan aside from the classic “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” line. But if you’re itching to see more of Snickers’ latest concept, you can check out this “teaser” for the Super Bowl ad below, featuring Trejo counting the number of times he’s brushed his hair in typical Marcia style—it’s a little unnerving and weird, but just kooky enough to strangely work.

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