Out of respect for those who are not directly involved in this, mostly kids and other family members, I haven't embedded any posts or put up any screenshots. Regardless of what is happening, those kids don't deserve the situation they are in and are about to be in.

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It sucks when your multiple girlfriends find out about each other. It sucks even more when they become friends on social media. It sucks even more when a social media post goes viral and the whole world wakes up to what you've been up to.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, however it's not looking good for Chief Jason Collier in Stinnett. He allegedly has been having multiple extramarital relationships, going on trips with said girlfriends, and even proposing to some of the aforementioned girlfriends.

All while still married...allegedly.

It looks like everything started yesterday.

There's a post on the City of Stinnett's Facebook page from one of the girlfriends calling out Chief Jason Collier. Eventually more of his girlfriends started coming forward, and they began sifting through what they had been told, and what was really going on.

Then the rest of the world got involved.

The City of Stinnett's Facebook page is now being flooded in the recommendation section with posts of people calling out Chief Jason Collier. More of his alleged girlfriends are coming forward. Facebook accounts are being deactivated. In fact, I dare you to try and find the Stinnett Police Department Facebook page. Spoiler alert, it isn't there anymore.

It's a lot to sift through.

One of the biggest, and probably the most problematic allegation is that of a falsified annulment document.

The memes have already begun making the rounds with people marking themselves safe on Facebook from Jason trying to lure them into marriage, reactions to when your girlfriends find out about each other and become friends, and even calling Jason the new Joe Exotic.

The City of Stinnett has issued a statement saying that Chief Jason Collier is on administrative leave while the city investigates.

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