I'm a fortunate individual. I have been able to get out of the house and go to the studio to do my air-shifts. The rest of my job I do at the house, and Disney+ is about to drive me insane.

A way to have some alone time, get in some entertainment, and just escape from the madness for a few moments is with VR. Virtual Reality has become increasingly more affordable and accessible over the years. Every member of our family has been able to enjoy our headset. From the youngest to the oldest.

Here are my picks to get you through being stuck at home.

Playstation VR - PSVR

PSVR is great if you already have a PS4 in the house. For the price, it is a great intro to VR without needing a high performance PC nearby. Most of the titles are an absolute blast to play, and several have multiplayer functions allowing the whole family to play, even while not in the headset. If you do some digging, you can usually piece one together pretty cheap or find a bundle at deep discounts.

There are some drawbacks, like the cable. It's easy for kids to trip over if no one is paying attention. Also, tracking of the Move controllers can be a little off at times. It's a simple fix (just wave your hands) but it is something that can be annoying when you're surrounded by an army of alien bugs and seconds count.

Occulus Quest

The Occulus Quest is interesting for one major reason. No cables. Nothing to plug in to. It is all self contained, and wireless. Another major selling point, is that the Occulus Quest has introduced hand-tracking. The headset has built in cameras that will scan your hands, and they become the controllers. The controllers are touch sensitive, so they recreate your hands' gestures and movements in VR.

The only drawback at this time is the catalog of games available, though more are reportedly coming.

Occulus Go

If you don't care about playing the latest and greatest games and just want to experience something, maybe a beach sitting on the shore while the tide rolls in, then this would be what you're looking for. It's nothing too impressive from the outside. The one tiny controller doesn't offer much in the way of immersion, and the titles available are limited.

There are some games available, just don't expect much in the way of what the Quest or PSVR, or any of the PC gamers are playing. Plus, it is the cheapest option available for getting into VR.

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