If you want to be a Mother's Day hero, you'd be wise to skip this present.

According to a new Ebates survey of 1,000 people, the gift mothers want the least is a gym membership. Ninety-four percent of mothers said they have no interest in getting one from their children, so please note that if you do purchase one, it's not going to go over well. At all.

Conversely, the gift moms want most of all is pretty simple -- time with their family. Sixty-three percent said they'd like to have some QT with their loved ones, which is good for your wallet, but not so good if you were hoping you could just send a quick text to let the woman who welcomed you into the world that you appreciate her.

Flowers, chocolate, a trip to the spa and brunch with the family were also popular gift choices among women surveyed.

If quality time with Mom is not your bag, another survey by Rakuten found that 60% of people will cough up between $51-$250 for Mother's Day. Hopefully, though, that will not go toward a gym membership.

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