There are bad ideas and then there are worse ideas.

An American-based clothing company called is making waves after it put tops with a swastika on them on the market.

"Three versions of the shirts by KA Design are being sold online through the website,," reports CBS Los Angeles. "The shirts and sweatshirts range in price from $20 to $27 and feature the words 'peace,' 'love' and 'zen' with the swastika symbol above."

The company made a video explaining it wanted to get back to the root of the the swastika, which used to be associated with love, luck and peace.

As you may have imagined, the idea has been met with resistance and anger. KA tried to explain its decision to release what is a controversial line of clothing, telling Dazed, "We want to promote love and peace to remind everyone that mankind can be better than what it currently is and was in the past."

That may be a noble goal and the shirts have certainly generated some publicity, but the bad word of mouth may be too much to overcome: the merchandise is no longer on Teespring.

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