Cops Punch Man
A 70-year-old San Antonio man was punched by a police officer and dragged from his car after suffering a diabetic episode, causing him to pass out in his vehicle while in the turning lane of a street. When cops arrived, Thomas Mathieu was unconscious behind the wheel, leading cops to assume he …
Drunk Idiot
Some people are happy drunks who like to sing songs and hug and tell you how much they love everyone. And then there's this guy.
Insane Video
Talk about your close calls.
While writing an accident report, a state trooper in Iowa's Johnson County somehow managed to avoid another car that swerved in his direction and went off the road.
The scene was captured on dash cam and the driver of the vehicle had a small cut, while one of the troo…
Psycho Cop Tasers Guy
In the day and age of video cameras in the hands of every single person walking the street, police are scrutinized around every corner. I do understand that it is a dangerous and stressful job, but sometimes they cross the line. This is another one of those incidents.

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