Amarillo’s $2.1 Million Dollar House is for Sale
Do you have a few million dollars laying around? If so, this house could be yours! I found the house on Zillow and it's freaking gorgeous.
It's estimated Mortgage is about $8,556 a month and a HOA fee of about $62. Built in 2008 the house is made for a single family with 5 bedrooms and…
Justin Bieber Wants An Invite To The Playboy Mansion [VIDEO]
Hugh Hefner has gotten word that Justin Bieber and his father want to come to the Playboy Mansion. The 84-year-old Hefner revealed this during an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, after he had told Morgan how he had taken his 24-year-old fiance Crystal Harris to see Bieber's movie "Never Say…
R. Kelly’s Mansion Up For Sale
For all you guys that wanna live in R. Kelly's crib, You're in luck! Oh, yeah. It's up for sale. I wonder if the sales agent is offering a free House Scrubbing to go with it.