Back in 1984, MTV was still relatively young and music videos were all the rage. For many artists, the video was just as important as the single itself. The video could make or break a song. Many artists fell by the wayside, as they weren't able to make the transition to the new form of media.

One band that excelled at making campy and eye-catching videos was Van Halen. Their videos captivated MTV's audiences, and carried with them all of the energy of a Van Halen live show.

"Hot For Teacher" was written by David Lee Roth, and the video was one he co-directed himself. Roth's involvement is what lead to some of the more "over-the-top" elements of the video, which was a big hit with the burgeoning MTV audience. This week we salute David Lee Roth in all of his campy glory by naming "Hot For Teacher" our video of the week.

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