We've seen retail stores go through a lot of different changes over the last 5-10 years in Texas. One of the biggest ones was the introduction of self-checkout lanes. It's also the most polarizing change we've seen at retail stores.

It seems we either love or hate them, there is no in-between. Can I be the first to be the in-between on them? I'll explain later why I'm in-between on the self-checkout. What's the purpose of all this anyway? Well, our Target here in Amarillo is about to go through a couple of changes that are going to affect us all.

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Let's talk about the first change that's coming. It in theory should help speed things up just a touch when you're waiting in line to checkout. Starting July 15, Target will stop accepting checks.

I know, it's amazing that people still write checks at a retail establishment, especially considering we've introduced so many different digital ways to pay. Checks just feel a bit archaic, but some still use them.

Not to stereotype, but it's typically older people that write the checks still. It's what they did back in the day before all these digital methods of payment and they're just comfortable with it. In fact, some won't even shop at a store unless they accept checks.

The second thing that is going to change is self-checkout is about to become a true express lane. 10 items or less in order to use the self-checkout, and I'm here for that in so many ways.

Like I mentioned above, I have a love-hate relationship with self-checkout. I enjoy it because the line tends to move quicker, and I can just quickly scan and go. I can see 8 people in line at the self-checkout, and I'll choose that over a checkout stand with two people in line. It just seems to move faster.

However, there is always that ONE person who's decided they're going to use self-checkout for their entire grocery run for the week. 80 items in a cart, and they're just sitting there slowly scanning everything in and trying to figure out how to get it all in bags and where to put them.

Look, those kinds of carts should HAVE to have someone else checking them out. Unless you spent time as a cashier (I did for several years in my youth), you don't know how to properly scan items and be quick about it. You don't know how to properly bag your stuff so it doesn't have to continuously be readjusted to fit.

So count me in as one of the people happy that self-checkout is going to truly become an express lane. Sure, it'll be a bit frustrating that time I'm sitting with 11 items in my cart, but for all the times I'm just running in for a couple of things, this is a welcome change.

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