I remember thinking Ross Perot was entertaining as a candidate. From his infomercials to his quirky sayings, I always got a kick out of Ross.

I remember watching him get lampooned on SNL. He was larger than life, even if he wasn't all that tall.

Ross Perot passed away at the age of 89. He was a billionaire businessman who said things like, "That dog just won't hunt," and, "If you see a snake kill it. Don't appoint a committee on snakes."

Going back and watching Perot go toe-to-toe with Al Gore in '93 regarding NAFTA on Larry King is pretty humorous now. In the 2016 campaign season, I lost track of how many times candidates called NAFTA a bad deal.

Guess you could say Perot called it back in '93.

Across the media landscape today he is being hailed as a man of integrity, a great Texan, and a true patriot. He helped create better conditions for US prisoners of war during Vietnam. He organized and funded a mission to rescue his employees who had been taken hostage during a revolution in Iran in 1979.

He was a veteran, and one heck of a businessman.

And of course, he will be forever immortalized by the sketches done on SNL with Dana Carvey.

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